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Disinfecting vs Sanitizing: What's the Difference?

The answer depends on two things: the location needing to be cleaned, and the surface.

Many surfaces only need to be cleaned to wipe away dirt, dust, and debris. For surfaces in restaurants or in the food industry as a whole, surfaces need to be sanitized. When dealing with something like a hospital, cleaning needs to go one step further: surfaces need to be disinfected.

Sanitizing involves specific chemicals designed to kill 99.9% of pathogens, addressing bacteria that can grow and multiply. This is the go-to for food prep surfaces in restaurants, including anywhere that food is cooked, prepared, or served.

Disinfecting goes a step further, addressing viruses and fungus in addition to bacteria. It is used for hospitals, clinics, and other medical-related uses. Disinfecting involves much stronger chemicals than sanitizing.

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