Green Snake Preventative Drain Opener

Green Snake preventative drain opener is an effective, simple solution for slow drains that are prone to clogging. Green Snake is the most effective as a preventative, general maintenance product, that when used regularly, can eliminate unwanted build up in drain systems. This is an all natural, safe product that is tough, but non-toxic and safe for many different kinds of pipes, septic tanks, or garbage disposals.


Attention! When using Sunline products, pay close attention to the recommended dilution rates. Our products are highly concentrated, so they work harder than you do!

Green Snake Preventative Drain Opener

  • Mix three parts concentrate to one part water (3:1).

  • After diluting Green Snake properly, pour 1-2 cups of the solution down the drain. Wait for 5-10 minutes for Green Snake to work its magic. Though this product will not open an already clogged drain, when used regularly, it will prevent slow draining and clogging. For best results, use twice a month. (P.S. It’s also great in septic systems!)


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