Spray Away Odor Eliminator

Spray Away


Introducing Spray Away, a superhuman strength enzymatic formula that attacks and conquers organic waste and odor! Great for use in trash cans, as a laundry additive, in bathrooms, and on food and pet related messes.


Please Note! When using Sunline products, pay close attention to the recommended dilution rates. Our products are highly concentrated, so they work harder than you do!

Spray Away Odor Eliminator

  • Four parts water to one part Spray Away (4:1).

  • After diluting properly, generously apply Spray Away to the source of the odor. Wait 5-10 minutes for the enzymes to take effect, and then wipe away any excess residue. Spray Away also works as a laundry additive against tough organic stains, like blood, coffee, food, underarms stains and much more. To use in laundry, apply Spray Away right on the stain and let pre-soak for 10 minutes. Proceed to wash laundry as normal!