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While a Vietnam war film, the content is very much a Hollywood melodrama, as old as the form. It was based on a stage play (originally titled Head Injuries and later titled Criminal Law) by Peter Yehling, a career policeman who, after being paralyzed in a hunting accident, is given the power to kill criminals. It was first produced in Los Angeles and then again, with various cast changes, in Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain. The main character, Patrick O'Reilly, in his head-injury wheelchair, takes the law into his own hands to avenge himself and others against a series of corrupt public officials who extort him and his wife. O'Reilly finds the courage to fight back. In Britain, he was known as O'Reely. The film ran for many years in the United States in some 500 theatres. It was part of the growing film industry of the 1970s. It was directed by Noel M. Boyd, produced by George James, with some considerable input from the popular young comedian, Richard Pryor. The film starred the popular British comedian, Richard Pryor, at the time playing against type, as a tough guy with great biceps. It was his first American leading role. The film's British title, Criminal Law, is closer to the true subject of the film. The film was re-released in the UK on 20 May 1978. It was released in the US by Avco Embassy on 15 November 1976. Plot The film opens with a scene of the O'Reilly family. Pat is a wheelchair-bound Vietnam War veteran (played by Richard Pryor). He and his wife, Judith (played by Billie Whitelaw), and their two daughters, Doris (played by Joanne Whalley) and Robin (played by Jill Bracey), are sitting in their living room. Pat, in a wheelchair, has had an accident. He is planning to murder a number of corrupt city officials, among them a police sergeant who was responsible for several wrongful convictions, and a district attorney who also was responsible for several wrongful convictions. They also rob him of a large sum of money, which he plans to use to start a printing business. He has persuaded his wife, daughter and two neighbors (played by Harry Carey, Jr., and Perry King) to help him with the plan. He intends to do it in the middle of the night.



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Gabbar Is Back 720p Download Movies [Latest 2022]

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